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Average customer review: 3.5 star rating (3.4 Stars)

Number of reviews: 34



5.0 star rating from New York, New York


Hey what can I say about the hardest working band in the USA Seen them at least 50 times traveled to NYC from charlotte NC to see the shows Toulouse street and captin and me are classics and they nailed em It was gre who t hearing Ukiah they should include th as t all the time and white sun and snake man wow Would like to see stampede and once were habits done next together Keep rocking you beasts Jedster guy

5.0 star rating Katz from Tucson, Arizona


The Doobies were at their best last night and the audience responded in kind. Great evening of their eclectic style and enthusiasm. Patrick Simmons, jr started it off with a warm up worthy of his name and was joined by his Dad for a few songs as well. Worth every cent and more. Bravo

5.0 star rating Michael Benner from Phoenix, Arizona


The Doobie Brothers delivered a great performance and displayed energy and precision. Loved the addition of Blue Smoke to the playlist. Thank you for your enduring commitment to great fun and enriching our lives all over the world!

5.0 star rating J. Michaels from Los Angeles, California


Can't believe it's been 40 years since I saw these guys the first time. I don't know if there was more joy then or tonight in Thousand Oaks, Ca., but I just have to say that my path in music would have never been the same, or might not have even happened for that matter, if it weren't for this band. So grateful to have lived this music on vinyl, cassette and disc over and over and over, to have heard it live at least 8 times and to have played a part of one of the songs about every other time I've picked up a guitar since 1977............

5.0 star rating Chris from Des Moines, Iowa


Awesome kickoff in Des Moines. Appreciated the energy and effort put into a nostalgic song list with newbies mixed in. The Doobies are how old? Way to go guys, you rocked and we loved your performance!

5.0 star rating Don Bresnan from St. Louis, Missouri


Doobie's proving "never to old to Rock n Roll" Fantastic outdoor concert on a beautiful night !

5.0 star rating Cindy from Houston, Texas


Awesome show, great sound. These guys can still groove, love y'all!!

5.0 star rating Steven Vanover from Virginia Beach, Virginia


A father's day gift from my family, to see the Doobie Brothers one of my all time favorite bands. It was an amazing show from performance to stage show and keeping the fans engaged. Sorry to have waited so long to see them, If you are on the fence about seeing them live don't be, if you love their music you are going to love the show!

5.0 star rating Rob from Portsmouth Va


Saw them several times but on June 13 2022 they rocked Virginia Beach , Michael McDonald was back great vocals , the entire band was awesome music should be like this nowadays but No way it comes close.. Rock and Roll like it was designed..

5.0 star rating Jeff B from Saratoga Springs, NY


We had enjoyed the Doobie Bros shows in Saratoga Springs for the last 3-5 years. This year Michael McDonald was back with the band & they were hitting on all cylinders. One of the first things that my wife & I noticed were the quality of their voices, granted an occasional high note faded but overall it was a fantastic trip back in time. We were 5 rows back & it was clear that they were enjoying themselves & not just going through the motions. The almost 2 hour show flew by & I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoyed the vintage Doobies with McDonald to catch them on this tour. The band was tight & full of energy.

5.0 star rating Rocking Rob from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I have seen the Doobies in the past but to have Doobie Brothers perform BM and AM was something to behold. BM/AM of course is Before Michael and After Michael. Doobies had a rebirth with the addition of Michael McDonald but with Tom Johnston sounding like he did in the 70's the concert was one of the best ever. So many hits and even some good new songs.

5.0 star rating David A from Toronto, Ontario


Wow! Amazing show! All the guys were in fine form. Yes Michael’s is a little strained but who cares… the man is a LEGEND! So thankful I got the opportunity to see them all together for the first time. They were the soundtrack of my teenage years. 2 .5 hours of great tunes and memories shared…. Well worth the price of the tickets!

5.0 star rating P Morrison from London Ontario


Absolutely fantastic from start to finish. Have attended Doobies shows for over 40yrs at various venues throughout Canada and the US. Their musical talents and harmonies are brilliant, as is their high energy levels and audience engagement. It is clearly evident that they love what they do, and are ultimate professionals and good people. Thanks!

5.0 star rating Charles & Lisa Beth Schopf from Jacksonville, Florida


We haven’t stopped talking about what a great concert this was. The Doobie Brothers were spot on and their harmonies were as tight as ever. Though it was rescheduled multiple times due to the pandemic, The Doobie Brothers were well worth the wait!

5.0 star rating JJH from Akron, Ohio


Doobies sounded darn good for 50 + years compared to a lot of entertainers. I would go see them again if they return. Thanks for an awesome show!

4.0 star rating Tony from New Orleans, Louisiana


The band was great. The vocals were also great. Michael McDonald was off and pitchy. That’s too bad. I saw him as a solo performer in a smaller venue 2 years ago and he sounded great, but not last night.

4.0 star rating Bill from Boston, Massachusetts


Waited two years I see the Doobs because of Covid .. thanks Covid . Well worth the wait . We saw the Doobies in 2019 at the New Orleans jazz fest and they were by far the best band there! We were t expecting much because they’re older but we were wrong. Flash forward 6/25/22 Massachusetts. They came out a little after 8 and by the first song we knew they were going to be great. Yes they seemed a little loud but not distorted. They are a rock band after all. Michael Macdonald was a nice touch too . All the guys sang amazingly !! The band was tight !guitars were beautiful and the sax player blew the place apart. The doobs still got it!! The one bad think is when you go to these shows the ratio of old to young is like 80/20 It’s disappointing to be told to sit down repeatedly and at one point some douche actually asked me to stop clapping to which I told him to FUCK OFF. He left

4.0 star rating Brenda King from Atlanta, Georgia


Loved the Doobie Brothers after a two year wait. Of course the audience was mostly middle age and older. This proved the older folks can rock. Mostly new stuff for the first half. This allowed people to get 'ready' as in their favorite alcoholic beverages were consumed. Then the songs everybody was waiting on started and people were up singing and dancing for the rest of the show! Michael McDonald's voice seemed to be a bit off, but it could have been the mixing.

3.0 star rating Don in Spokane from Spokane, Washington


The sound mixing seemed off; much too harsh and, dare I say it, too loud. This harshness detracted from the evening. The band played for 2.5 hours; that was great. A mixture of old and new songs. Michael McDonald still can sing great. Covid-wise; mask compliance was about 25% and no enforcement; if that worries you, probably should stay home. But why did the band ask the audience to sing along? That is a well-described way to start a super-spreader event. That is a disappointing oversite.

3.0 star rating Tom from Seattle, Washington


I love the Doobie Brothers, but I was really disappointed with the sound mix. In particular, Michael McDonald's mic washed out horribly. The bassist and percussionist were hard to hear, too. And Michael McDonald was off on his vocal timing. But the harmonies were tight, and the other vocals and musicians sounded great.

3.0 star rating Dockmaster Michael Atilano from Marina Del Rey, California


We had 3rd row tickets, because of the rain lawn crowd was allowed to fill empty seats. Shortly after the concert began the people around me became upset because I was dancing and by 'Dependin' On You', the 6th song in their set, we decided to leave. Crowd was atrocious and wanted to sit the entire time. Doobies sounded fantastic, too bad the crowd sucked

3.0 star rating Pamela Cate Bennett from Charlotte, North Carolina


Everything was great, until Michael McDonald started. The band sounded wonderful. They played like the recordings sounded. Great song list and the harmonies were spot on. Then, Michael started.... I don't know if he's had a stroke, if he was on drugs or alcohol or if he just totally forgot what he was doing. The eye rolls from the rest of the band were quite evident. It was painful to listen to and watch. His timing was off and he acted like he forgot the words. He was just horrible! Without him it was a fabulous concert. Note: I drove 3 hours to see them!!

2.0 star rating Marybeth H from Nashville, Tennessee


Excited to finally come to Nashville for the Doobie Brothers Concert that was cancelled twice. Unfortunately we were very disappointed. The sound was horrible. Too loud drowned out the vocals. Sound Team? We tried to stay, but had enough of the ear piercing volume level.

2.0 star rating Sue from Destin, FL


We moved from Nashville last year so would be flying in for this show. The last band on my bucket list and I was so excited! I was also very happy you needed to be vaccinated or had a negative Covid test to attend. Flash forward, we're sitting in our seats, the band is late, which we expected, and it finally begins... THE WORST ACOUSTICS of any concert I have ever seen in my 55 years. It was so over-amplified and loud that it was distorted and hurt our ears. I must think they had it turned up to match Michael McDonald's power, as I have no other explanation as to why. You couldn't distinguish between instruments. It was awful! We left about an hour into it as we were disgusted.

2.0 star rating Jerald from Nashville, Tennessee


After almost two years of waiting, due to rescheduling, to see/hear one of my favorite bands of all time I sat thru nine songs then got up and walked out. Why? Simply because the sound system was cranked up so high that every instrument, except drums, and every voice was so distorted that it ruined the music. Lyrics so loud could'nt understand a word sung. sounded like singing with a mouth full of mush into an empty can. The audience applauded between songs but I can't say how enthusiastically cause my ears were ringing from all the distorted noise of the band. I've been to many concerts and never experienced such disregard for the quality of the music and the audience with way over the top volume that distorts every sound coming from the stage. So disappointed. And to make matters worse it was a gift from my son who was with me and had to come find me after I walked out. Hearing my reason he said he would agree it was way to loud. I can handle loud, after all it's rock'n roll, but so loud it distorts the music is not acceptable.

2.0 star rating Diane S. from London, Ontario


I am a huge fan and was so excited to see them (in my top 5 of all time). The sound quality was extremely distorted. It was hard to hear anything that was said. Much worse, it was even difficult to identify the song until several bars in. Michael McDonald was the biggest disappointment...he went out of his way to sing all my favourite song differently. Different timing, different intonation...I wanted to hear the songs I love note for note. He changed them so much, it was impossible to sing along. The set (lighting and visuals) was low-budget and dated. It was a great vibe in the audience because we all love them and sang with them. ust wished they had put more effort into the sound. Michael needs to be more engage.

2.0 star rating E. Stevens from Cincinnati, Ohio


The Doobies can still rock after 50 years on the road. But they need to give the audience what they want - to hear the hits! The band played 17 songs before we recognized one of their hits. Don’t play 3 songs from your new album - no one cares! Also, if you say the concert starts at 7:30 don’t start at 7:56. Very disrespectful to the audience.

2.0 star rating Ken C from Tampa, Florida


A boring evening watching a band I grew up on struggle to stay in sync. Michael McDonald was just off and often out of time with band. A Hot Mess is a good description. Certainly not worth the two years I waited for this twice delayed concert !

1.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


They wsnted till bery end to plsy hit songs and then they did sound the same. This theater had horrible sound and is one of the worst theaters in the world and very horrible for the handicapped!!! One of the worst conceets i have been to in 50 yeats

1.0 star rating Bob from Southern California


Born in 1956, I loved the Doobie Brothers and similar bands. I don’t attend many concerts, and this was my first at the Forum in Los Angeles. I’m not any musical expert but I know and appreciate good sounds. Tonight had about 4 minutes of halfway descent sounds, vocals and instruments. Yes, that bad. Mixing, equipment, venue, ??? I’m not sure what or why but I nearly walked out early with disappointment. I figured they’d probably finish with some oldies so my wife and I stuck it out and were semi rewarded with some fairly accurate renditions of studio releases. Mr McDonald’s voice/mic made him hard to understand and ‘stroke victim’ came to my mind. It was painful to hear him. Because of Covid and poor attendance, we could bounce around to see if different seats made a difference, but they did not. Perhaps two drummers, four guitarists, two keyboards and poor mixing, equipment, venue all contributed to a horrible listening experience. The few times members spoke to the audience, they were difficult to understand and were not in tune with the fans. There just seemed to be no repore. Granted these guys are in their seventies.. but I’ve been well entertained by Air Supply, Chris Isak and Journey in smaller venues that really left you wowed at the quality sound and persona experience. I hope this was a fluke if they were in fact ‘off’ for some reason(s) . I really feel this group and their oldies can entertain the fans if they can pull off a closer rendition to their studio quality sounds and also better connect with their fans.

1.0 star rating Judy from London, Ontario


This was the worst concert I’ve ever attended. The volume was cranked so high that the voices and instruments were indistinguishable. The acoustics were the worst I’ve experienced. Someone else commented that they couldn’t tell which songs were being sung. People were leaving. We left after 45 mins. What a huge disappointment after waiting through 2 years of Covid.

1.0 star rating Megan from Toronto, Ontario


The pacing of the songs was terrible. They saved their best songs for the encore, which I'm surprised they even got one given how boring the rest of the concert was. The audience wanted to be engaged and they did little to build any momentum. (The crowd went electric each time they were addressed or invited to sing - but only a couple times in a concert venue is not enough.) Every song is an opportunity to engage and build energy - opportunities they squandered. With the repertoire of songs they have, I wanted to be on my feet the whole concert. Everyone did. No one was. Several people left. Sound was sketchy in parts. Massively disappointing.

1.0 star rating Jamie from London Ontario


The sound for our long awaited london ontario concert was so bad that the person sitting beside me had her hands over her ears. People left before the encore. The worst sounding concert I have ever attended. $125.00 tickets and $10.00 beer and the venue could care less. Boo to budweiser gardens.

1.0 star rating from Toronto, Ontario


We have seen Michael McDonald many times over the years. His sound has always been flawless. Last year he was amazing at the Sony Centre. However, whoever was responsible for the sound mix at the London Concert should be fired. All the instruments were so loud that the voices were barely heard. Wor


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